Electricity is the most efficient form of energy known to man. Electricity transforms lives, where there is electricity, any and everything is possible, there is no limit to imagination.

For more than 100 years oil has been the only major source of energy powering the industrial revolution and the resulting economic growth. Oil means power and power means oil - this has determined the politics of all 20th century. NOT ANYMORE. We are just at the tip of a major tectonic shift, a major paradigm shift if you may, from the distributed energy systems to the centralized electricity generation and its consumption. YOU PRODUCE IT WHERE YOU WANT IT CONSUMED.

Thanks to advances in electronic technology, we can now produce solar energy very cheap and store it very efficiently using batteries. Once installed, there is no recurrent expenditure, no oil or gas to feed it, as the sun shines so is the electricity produced, which is free and in abundance in our part of the world.

Solar with Storage, will do to Electricity in Africa what cell phones has done to Communication in Africa. With the advent of cell phones, Africa now, is probably one of the most connected continents in the world. Wired telephone lines was too expensive for Africa. Africa did not have capital to build the infrastructure necessary for the millions of miles of telephone lines for land line communication, that before cell phones, communication was almost non-existence. Solar can be dropped anywhere on the continent. There is no major capital needed to construct thousands of miles of high-tension electric lines across the continent. Electricity is produced where it is consumed. Maintenance is at a very minimum so there is very little re-current expenditure.

Nanergy Ltd. with it’s partner, Kaco New Energy of Germany has produced the most sustainable storage yet to store electric energy code named NKS storage. It can store anywhere from a kilo Watt hour to Mega Watt hours.

Nanergy | About Us
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What we do


Nanergy Solar Ghana is a renewable energy service provider that deals in the provision of sustainable power supply for residential, commercial and government institutions. We have been operating since 2015 and we have at our disposal the best Solar PV experts and equipped technical engineers in the business of providing renewable energy to clients. Nanergy Solar Ghana offers outstanding services using high quality products delivered at relatively cheaper cost.


We have the capacity to build and finance any kilowatt or megawatt any firm or institution may need. We have developed a third generation stand-alone solar system called Sunowner Mini Grid which have enough storage battery to power all your appliances and machines at a time. When we build this Mini Grid for you, we will be able to completely take you off the National Grid which will eventually lead to reduction in your utility bills, hence, a reduction in the cost of production..


At Nanergy Solar Ghana, we evaluate your facility to determine which system will be feasible and develop the system to fit right in your needs.


We are one of the leading names when it comes to the distribution of renewable energy products across the country.


Nanergy Solar is carrying out Research and Development activity in three areas of science. The three areas we are focusing on iclude the following.


At Nanergy Solar Ghana, we have a team that is always ready and willing to efficiently manage and maintain your solar panel installations.