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The company personnel were instrumental in installing over 1 GW (gigawatt) of a-Si (amorphous silicon) equipment around the globe. The progress in c-Si (crystalline silicon) has made the low efficient a-Si technology not cost effective for power generation applications. Nanergy Solar now offers an upgrade technology to these old manufacturing lines to enable the production of the next generation multi-junction thin films to be carried out on the upgraded equipment. The company offers for sale such upgrade of the technology.

Based on the upgraded manufacturing equipment and proprietary Ni-Fe manufacturing technology the company offers job creating self-sufficient PV industrial activity focusing on any community both in the developing and developed world. The company offers, based on these component manufacturing, also product design and system installation know-how to create a maximum number of employment.

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Nanergy Solar Ghana is a renewable energy service provider that deals in the provision of sustainable power supply for residential, commercial and government institutions. We have been operating since 2015 and we have
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