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As of 2014, about 0.2% of the world's energy was supplied by solar PV. A large majority of this electricity (greater than 90%) is grid interactive large-scale utility PV generation (UTPV). Recently grid interactive utility dependent dispersed PV generation (DUTPV) began to appear on residential rooftops (e.g. Solar City). A small fraction of installed PV (less than 1%) has local battery storage and it is not tied to the grid (SHS, Solar Home Systems). The Sunowner product offered by Nanergy is one example of this type of SHS product. The schematic diagram of the Nanergy product is shown in Figure above. The Sunowner product has the following distinguishing features:

Nanergy is pleased to offer a line of SHS (Solar Home Systems) PV stations with batteries and load management named the "Sunowner". The Sunowner ranges from 250W PV module with 1kWH of batteries to 1MW PV with variable of battery storage. Custom products outside of the above parameters are available. The recommended American Family Sunowner (AFSO-5) is a 5kW PV system, with 10kWh of battery storage, remote accessible load management, with energy audit included.The advantages of the Nanergy Sunowner product as compared to competitors like Solar City, Sun Edison, Sungevity, Vivent Solar and many other similar companies can be seen below.

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