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Look at this home. This shows Solar Windows "SW" and starts the "SW" campaign. Exploiting the light coming through windows, patio doors, any sources of outside light, Sunshades and Suncurtains in Solar Windows convert it to SPV (Solar PV) electricity inside your home. In the pictured apartment it is possible to generate over 2kW of electricity*. It would be enough to operate most of your electrical appliances.

(* assumes 7 * 2 square meter windows, 16% PV cell efficiency outside the windows would generate 238 Watts. In 5 hours of sun delivering 12kWh per day. Assuming 20% loss going through the windows, SW could generate a maximum energy of 10kWh)

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Nanergy Solar Ghana is a renewable energy service provider that deals in the provision of sustainable power supply for residential, commercial and government institutions. We have been operating since 2015 and we have
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